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In January 2008, missionaries from Savannah came in Aurora and visited San Isidro, San Luis Aurora. They went house to house with shoeboxes and shared the Gospel in the middle of heavy rain. Many accepted Jesus Christ. After the missionaries left, Bible studies started with the lead of Pastor Johnny and Pastor Nobleto. Many people respond and attends Bible studies and follow by water baptism. Because of that, Pastor Johnny and the others went to barangay to ask them if we could borrow the Evacuation Center for Sunday Worship. 

On March 16, 2008, we started the first service in the Evacuation Center. Me, Shiela, Pastor Jay, and Wheng are the music team who assist there. The ministry continued to grow, and in June 2010, I obeyed the calling of the Lord. I started as a pastor there. When I started, it was complicated and challenging for me. I am the one who was playing the guitar and preaching. I felt ill-equipped because of my young age, but praise God, I overcame it. 

The ministry continued to grow, and with the help of the mission team from Savannah, we bought our lot and built a small church. On September 9, 2012, we started to worship in the new church, owned by the church. The ministry continues to grow, and we do home visits and Bible studies in different houses to invite more people to the Lord, and many people respond. We praise God! Shiela and I trained youth to lead worship and, praise God, we have our own worship team that leads worship – they are very faithful. 

The congregation continues to grow. A missionary family attended one of our services and saw our situation, and God touched their heart. They donated money to extend the church and donated electric fans. Different ministries at the church continue to add. Now, we are praying to finish the renovation of our church and praying that more leaders will continue to grow their faith and be trained so that the whole community will see and share Jesus also. We celebrated our 15th anniversary this month.